About us

SCC was founded in 1986 and is incorporated in the Australian Capital Territory. 

Based in Canberra, we deliver Information Technology services to our many Australian Federal Government clients.  We have grown steadily and are now recognised as one of the largest labour hire suppliers to the Australian Federal Government.

With a long history of providing contract ICT services in this market place, we have grown from a purely technical services supplier to one currently supplying right across the ICT skills spectrum.

SCC has been providing SAP services since 1997, and became an accredited SAP Services Partner in 2001. One of the reasons for our acceptance as a partner was the recognition that SCC was able to provide the flexible "on the spot" support to SAP's Canberra clients that interstate companies were unwilling or unable to provide. SCC is still the only SAP Services Partner that specialises in supporting Federal Government clients and this is reflected in the growing number of sites that we support in Canberra – over half the SAP sites in Canberra use SCC to help support their enterprise systems.

In a clear demonstration of how we like to support our Government clients and contractors, January 2018 saw us open the Queensland office of Southern Cross Computing in Brisbane.

October 2018 saw SCC become an SAP specialist division of FinXL, a member of the Finite Group. This has opened up a greater range of opportunities for SCC and given FinXL an excellent SAP services capability to be developed nationally.

We have maintained a friendly and open approach to our business and develop lasting relationships with our clients and our consultants. We value honesty and fairness very highly.

We are always on the look out for ways to add value to the services we deliver and are flexible in our approach to business.