Our history

SCC was founded in 1986 and is incorporated in the Australian Capital Territory. 

Like many successful businesses, SCC began when its founders decided that they could do a better and cheaper job than existing service providers.

As very experienced IT contractors themselves, it was clear that what was required was a service provider who would operate as transparently and efficiently as possible. It was also clear that SCC had an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage by ensuring that the quality of our services was maintained at a very high level. This was achieved initially by selecting excellent consultants personally known by the founders. As SCC grew, so grew our circle of trust and our consultant base grew though the personal recommendation of our trusted consultants.

Tired of having to contract during the day and work on SCC through the night, we opened our first offices in Mawson, ACT and engaged our first fulltime account manager in the mid 1990s. This was a catalyst for some significant growth which saw us awarded 10th place in the BRW Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies and also 25th place in the BRW Fast 100.

Now having a great support team in place, the (propeller-head) founders of SCC spent their nights developing software, a mainframe programmer's development workbench (SCC Toolkit), which was subsequently adopted by numerous development sites around the world. We then developed a tool to help sites retire their legacy mainframe financial applications and archive their existing data holdings to a relational database which is accessed by a generic front-end reporting tool (FRED - The Financial Records Enquiry Database). This tool was subsequently redeveloped into a more generic workbench which allowed other mainframe applications to be archived and historical data to be queried via a web-browser. This was very technically innovative at that time. These tools enabled SCC to undertake a number of projects and expand our service offerings further.

SCC became an SAP Services partner in 2001 in recognition of our significant SAP capability and our ongoing commitment to supporting SAP within the Australian Federal Government. SCC consultants have been involved in almost every significant SAP implementation, upgrade or enhancement in Canberra.  SCC became OpenText (SAP Competency) partners in 2010.

Our business operations outgrew our Mawson premises and we moved to our current offices in Deakin in 2007. 

October 2018 saw SCC become an SAP specialist division of FinXL, a member of the Finite Group. This has opened up a greater range of opportunities for SCC and given FinXL an excellent SAP services capability to be developed nationally.

Throughout our many years of operation, SCC has tried to maintain an inclusive culture and a small family business approach to all of our staff and consultants.

Business growth alone has never been a primary motivator of the SCC management team, but steady growth has come as a by-product of continuing to deliver consistently high quality services over the last 2 decades.