Interview tips

If you’ve made it to this stage it would be safe to assume that you have a pretty strong chance of winning the role.  Now you need to win the most important competition as there’s no second prize!  This is why interviews would have to be the most stressful part of securing a new role.

Preparation is the key to success and include simple tasks such as:

  • Know exactly where you need to go.  If you have never been to the interview location before, give yourself enough time to deal with any unexpected issues such as car parking.
  • Ensure you have the name and contact details of the primary person you are to meet, but wherever possible have the name and details of a secondary contact too.
  • Review the original requirements of the position and refresh your memory of claims made in your selection criteria responses.
  • Go to their web site and get a good idea about the nature of the organisation's business and if possible, its organisational culture.
  • If you are going to be late for the interview, let the client know as soon as possible - preferably before your scheduled interview time.
  • During the interview, don't rush your answers or allow yourself to get flustered. Take a deep breath, think clearly and speak clearly.
  • Make eye contact with your interviewers and be engaging as you answer the questions posed by them.
  • Be clear about what you expect of the position and be prepared with questions for them to answer.

SCC’s Resource Managers have a great deal of experience in preparing people for interview and would be more than happy to discuss in further detail.